Welcome to Foxy Granny's
Crafts Page

Grab you a nice hot cup of coffee and relax for a bit.
I have placed here different projects for you to make.
You will find the directions to each project placed on the
linked pages. If you have problems with any of them, just
email me and I will try to help you. *S*

How To's Basic Stitches


Granny Squares Scarf and Hat Simply Slippers
Easter Eggs Mask Granny Slippers
Hairy Potter Tiny Tee-Shirt Magnets Halloween Sidewalk Lights
Pumpkin Cars Crocheted Basket Computer Disk Holder
Trick or Treat Pillowcase Family Christmas Ornaments Hershey's Kissletoe Ball
Candle Jar Travel Tic Tac Toe Meadow Afgan
Stylish Kitchen Trio Mom's Tote Bag Dainty Potpourri Box
Hand Stitched Note Cards Wall Organizer Hot Pad/Pot Holder
Boot Scrubbing Buddy
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Have questions?... I'll try to help.
Just email me *S*

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