"I am the mother of three,
(2 boys and 1 girl)
and the grandmother of 12 (7 boys and 4 girls).
Your right, that only adds up to 11. But we
have a very "Special Angel" you see.

Now that Graywolf and I were married,
I have aquired just a few more into my family.
Bud also has 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl),
and a grandfather of 2.

We also have 5 GREAT Grandchildren
Wow ! Are we getting old????? LOL

Our "Special Angel" is the stillborn son
of my daughter Diana. She has written
a poem in rememberance of him.
Please click on the baby picture.

I have a special favor to ask ALL WOMEN
that are looking at my site (or men?.. go
get your wife).. this is important. I have made
a page about 2-WAY MIRRORS and how to tell
if a mirror is 2-way. Please go to this site and
read and practice this little test often.
Please click here.

"I love doing crafts of all sorts,
needlework, cross-stitching, and crocheting.
I also like to do ceramics. I have my
own kiln, and I'm really having fun with it.
But I'll have to admit that most
of my projects are laying untouched for sometime.
I now have this screen in front of me,
That takes most of my spare time
(and some that's not spare).
"But it's so much fun !!"
But now that I have finally retired,
I have more time to play.

Get a MIDI Plug-in

Song is "Cherokee"

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