Curl up in a comfortable chair, with a cup of coffee and
prepare to read some of my stories. Some will bring
a smile to your face while other will bring a tear to
your eye. I hope you enjoy yourself as much as I did
putting them down.

Religious Stories

God's Interview Deck of Cards

You'll Find Jesus Footprints

A Little Girl's Prayer Songs in Church

Legend of the Sanddollar The Tablecloth

Emergency Phone Numbers The Pink Dress

Pine Tree Crosses

Family Stories

World's Meanest MotherWorld's Greatest Father

No ChargeParents PrayerKids

No ChargeNo Desks

When You Thought I Wasn't Looking

Women's VocabularyMothers

Women Are Like ApplesThe Pickle Jar

Children's Stories

If Teddy Bears Ruled the World

Teddy Bear's PicnicDear Teddy

Teddy Bears Make The Best Friends

One HourDon't Agrue

Miscellaneous Stories

The ButterflyLifes Tug of War

God Bless America AgainThe Grocery Store

LessonsOn Line Friends

Tell Me WhyAs Time Goes By

The Letter From HomeWhen I Was Young

AgelessBasket of Problems

Legend of the Five Kernels

Sweet TatersThe Donkey and the Well

The Folded Napkin

Stories My Sister Wrote

BozoDays Gone ByFriends

God's Little Angel Guardian Angel

A Little Boys DreamSeashore