The test comes back positive,
Yes, we are going to have a baby.
We were so happy.
I go to see the doctor every week,
like I promised.

The doctor tells me there is to much stress
and I have to stay in bed.
So I do like I promise.

I feel a small little kick,
an you start to move around.
I go back for a check up,
and now the doctor says
my contractions have started.
But 6 months is to early,
You can't come yet.

I have to go home with a needle in my leg
pumping medicine constantly,
And I do what I promised.

They send a nurse to check on us every week,
and a home monitor to measure
the contraction twice a day.
I feel you grow inside,
I think your gonna be a wrestler
by the way you move around.

Well we only have 2 more weeks to go,
the nurse comes by, but there is something not right.
my back hurts, and pressure in my stomach.
"Call the doctor" she says.
So I do what I promised.

The doctor on call says, "Everything will be OK,
just call your doctor in the morning and Check- In".
When morning comes, something has gone wrong.
I do the monitor and call the doctor,
Like I promised.

17 contractions in 5 minutes is to many
and I don't feel you moving anymore.
The doctor tells me, he will meet me at the hospital,
they do an ultrasound, and I can see you.

The nurse moves the instrument around on my stomach,
and calls in another nurse, "I can't find a heart beat", she says.
"What do you mean you can't find a heart beat", I yell.

After 15 minutes they stop and turn everything off.
I tell them "NO! Please Dear God!",
"I did what I promised".

They give me medicine to calm me down,
and tell my family,
"She will still have to deliver the baby".
When the time comes, they take me in the cold room.
the doctors tell me, "It is a boy".
and we give you a name,

Now we go to the graveyard,
and everyone crys.
"How could this be Dear Lord"?
"How could you take him away from me"?
"I did what I promised".

So to you Dear Lord,
I Give My Littlest Angel

When your children upset you,
and you start to get mad,
think what you would do if
they were not with you anymore.

All children are gifts from God,
they need to be loved like
no other gift you will ever receive.

Remember, God gave them to you to take care of.

Copyright 1998 Diana Kelton

In Loving Memory
of My Son
Daniel Russell